Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Eligibility Related

The applicant should be below 32 years of age as on 31st July, 2023 in order to be eligible for the program. There is no lower age limit.

Yes, the applicant should be an Indian Citizen to qualify for the program.

One must possess an undergraduate degree in order to qualify for the program.

Minimum of 55% marks or equivalent CGPA is required at the highest qualification level.

An applicant must possess either: 

    • An undergraduate degree in any discipline from a recognized university, or

    • Any postgraduate qualification (inclusive of postgraduate degrees/diplomas/doctorates/post-doctorates) in any discipline from a recognized university

A distance learning master’s degree is considered a valid educational qualification if it is done full-time and is awarded by an accredited institution.

An applicant must have a minimum 9 months of full time work experience with a postgraduate qualification OR minimum 18 months of full time work experience with an undergraduate qualification as on July 31, 2023 to be eligible to apply. Full time fellowships are counted towards work experience however any type of internships or other part-time engagements will not be considered.

Applicants from diverse academic backgrounds and work experience are invited to the program. Applicants must meet the stated minimum months of required work experience, which can be in any industry or sector.

It is essential to have working proficiency in both Hindi and English as both languages are used as working languages in Madhya Pradesh. While Hindi is the usual medium of communication in government meetings and documents, English is used for program-related documents and submissions. Therefore, applicants are expected to have a strong command over both the languages to effectively engage with stakeholders and complete program requirements.

Program Related

The Madhya Pradesh NIPUN Professionals Program is a unique 2-year, full-time, paid experiential opportunity for India’s brightest and most promising youth to lead large-scale system reform towards achieving foundational learning goals in the state. These professionals will be placed in all 52 districts across the state and will work closely with the District Collector, CEO-Zila Panchayat, and the district Education team. Professionals will receive a monthly stipend of Rs. 80,000 along with a certified course from TISS, Mumbai.

To address different aspects of the quality of learning and attain universal foundational literacy and numeracy (FLN) as envisioned by the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, the Government of India launched a National Mission “NIPUN Bharat” in July 2021. It aims to achieve universal FLN goals for students of Grades 1 to 3.

As a result, FLN has become the key priority in public school education for the central government as well as all states. With this context, the Government of MP launched Mission Ankur as the state’s FLN mission across the state for all the 80,000 government schools.

The focus of Mission Ankur in the last one year has been on ensuring key interventions are well-designed and successfully rolled out in a timely manner. After the rollout, in the next phase, it becomes imperative to focus on strengthening the quality and fidelity of implementation of those interventions. Madhya Pradesh NIPUN Professionals Program aims to work as a  catalyst for driving high-quality implementation of the mission at the district level.

  • Leading large-scale system reform efforts to achieve impact at scale: Each MP NIPUN Professional will work closely with the District Collector, CEO-Zila Panchayat and District Education Department on select academic and governance interventions directed towards improving student learning outcomes in their allotted district.

  • Driving outcomes through strong action orientation and problem solving: Each professional will implement structured projects with clear outcomes to build holistic understanding of the challenges on ground and strive for building creative solutions.

  • Learning continuously through a well curated professional development journey: Each professional will undergo a structured professional development program to develop key relevant skills and leadership qualities.

The Government of Madhya Pradesh has partnered with TISS, Mumbai to support in providing high quality specially curated professional development to NIPUN Professionals. NIPUN Professionals will also be on TISS payroll and all the HR aspects will be managed by TISS. Know more about TISS.

The program is a good match for ambitious young professionals who have a strong interest in education, public policy, and addressing governance challenges on a large scale, as well as a desire to make a positive social impact. Additionally, we seek individuals who have leadership potential that can be developed and demonstrated during the two-year program.

Applicants should possess a range of skills, including critical thinking, keenness to work at the grassroots level in rural areas, excellent problem-solving abilities, the ability to build and maintain relationships with a variety of stakeholders, and an ability to take initiatives independently. Our goal is to build a diverse cohort, so we encourage individuals from various backgrounds, fields, and experiences to apply.

As NIPUN Professional, your primary responsibility will be to accelerate the implementation of Mission Ankur, the State’s FLN Mission, in your assigned districts. This will involve leading large-scale system reform efforts to achieve measurable impact. You will identify implementation challenges, build capacity among key functionaries, and strengthen monitoring and governance structures by working in close collaboration with district stakeholders.

To achieve these objectives, you will implement structured projects and tasks with clearly defined objectives, outcomes, enabling you to gain a holistic understanding of the challenges on the ground while continuously striving to develop creative & contextual solutions. During your tenure, you’ll have the opportunity to carry out an innovation project of your choice. The Program Management Team at Bhopal will also work closely with you to guide you in implementing the projects. 

As a NIPUN Professional, you will play an essential role in driving positive change in Madhya Pradesh, leaving a lasting impact on the lives of ~23 lakh children.

The MP NIPUN Professionals Program is India’s first mission oriented program towards transforming public education & improving foundational learning goals. It presents an exciting chance for young individuals in India to contribute to a national priority in education through strengthening the efforts of the State’s FLN mission, Mission Ankur.

By collaborating with senior bureaucrats and district stakeholders, this program offers a distinctive opportunity to lead system-wide reform efforts & impact 23 lakh children in the state.

Moreover, the program offers you a

    • Chance to work at the intersection of public policy, education and governance

    • Competitive stipend,

    • Certified course from TISS Mumbai, 

    • Specially curated professional development journey by TISS, Mumbai that includes structured mentoring opportunities.

Each NIPUN Professional will be hired for a period of two years.

The program runs for a period of two years, and we encourage participants to commit to the full duration of the program. Exiting the program before the end of the two-year period is not recommended. If a selected candidate discontinues the program prematurely, they will not be eligible to receive the program-completion certificate. 

If a candidate has to leave the program in between due to unforeseen circumstances, they may leave after a notice period of 45 days.

    1. The program offers a monthly stipend of ₹80,000.

    2. Professionals will also be covered under a group health and accidental insurance policy.

    3. Additionally, Professionals will receive accommodation for the first 15 days of their stay in the allotted district to help facilitate their transition. 

This is a full-time paid position with a six-day working week. The Professionals are required to discharge their duties at the district from Monday to Saturday. Sunday will be a weekly off. Professionals must be present at the knowledge forums, learning circles, and meetings that they are required to attend as part of the program.

All the State holidays notified by the Government of Madhya Pradesh will be granted as off-days to the professionals. In addition to these holidays, Professionals can also avail a maximum of 12 days of leave during the year.

The Professionals will be based out of their respective district (allotted after selection) with occasional travel to Bhopal and other locations as needed. There will be extensive travel within the district to blocks and schools.

Allocation of districts shall be done by the Government of MP. The selected applicants could be allotted to ANY district within the state. However, during the interview stage, the applicants would be asked to furnish preferences for 10 districts. An attempt would be made to allocate a district from amongst those preferences, but we can’t assure the same. Therefore, you are encouraged to apply only if you are prepared to serve anywhere in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

The Professionals will closely work with the District collector, CEO-Zila Panchayat, district education officers (DEOs, DPCs) and other members of the district education team.

The stipend is inclusive of all allowances. Field visits & other regular travel for the project within the districts will be facilitated by the government as per availability of shared/pooled vehicles at the district education office. Any travel outside the allocated district for program related activities such as learning meetings/reviews will be covered by the program.

This is a full-time engagement that requires exclusive commitment and hence the Professionals are prohibited from working anywhere else (paid or unpaid) during the time they are part of the MP NIPUN Professionals program.

As a NIPUN Professional, your work will involve close collaboration with senior officials in the district administration of a chosen district in Madhya Pradesh. This role presents a unique opportunity to make a significant impact towards achieving the foundational learning goals in the state under Mission Ankur. 

Simultaneously, the Professionals will undergo a continuous, structured & rigorous professional development journey to be ‘District ready’.  The two-year journey of the professionals will start with a program induction followed by monthly learning circles, quarterly forums, curated self-paced online courses by TISS spread over the 2-year duration, and end-of-the year review and project presentation.

Upon completing the two-year program, the professionals will be awarded certification offered by TISS as part of the program along with the work experience letter for your work done in districts.

The MPNP program provides unique exposure to several skills & experiences that will work as a  launchpad to a wide range of career opportunities for professionals. These opportunities will span across sectors such as education, public policy, governance, and entrepreneurship. Moreover, Professionals who undergo the two year journey will have built many transferable skills & leadership qualities that will enable them to perform well in diverse roles. 

In addition, the program team will work with the Professionals closely to chalk out a career transition plan based on their interests.

The Professionals will join the program on August 1, 2023 in Bhopal. They will undergo a 7-day induction program to provide them with the necessary context, knowledge and skills before they join their districts. The professionals will join their allocated districts by August 10, 2023.

Application Related

The program has a three-stage selection process as mentioned on the website. The first stage includes submitting an online application form available on the ‘apply’ page of the website. The applications for the Madhya Pradesh NIPUN Professionals Program 2023-25 have closed.

Applications for the MP NIPUN Professionals Program are open until May 21, 2023. The final selections will be done by June 30, 2023. Please keep checking the website for the latest information.  You can apply now to be part of one of the largest system reform efforts in education.

Video SoP is an integral part of your application. It is mandatory to upload the youtube link to your video SoP for your application to be considered complete.

Please follow these instructions:

    1. Record the video based on the prompts provided in the application form.

    2. Upload the video on YouTube and share the link in the application form. 

    3. Set the YouTube  sharing settings to “Unlisted”. For more info on “unlisted” sharing settings, you can check the link.

    4. Name the video as “YourName_SoP_MPNP”.

    5. Please keep the link active until you hear back from us and the selection process is complete.

To avoid loss of data, we encourage you to keep all information handy and apply in one go. However, in case you’re not able to fill the entire application form in one sitting, you can fill the form from the same browser and IP address and you will be able to resume your application where you left it.

The form permits submission of only one application form from one email ID. You can write to in such a case.

Yes, the interview will be conducted in a mix of both Hindi and English languages.

The second stage of the selection process will be a case-study written assignment where the shortlisted candidates will be given a problem statement to solve in line with the work required under the program. The assignments will be sent to the shortlisted candidates over email.

All the shortlisted applicants will be required to be physically present for the interview in Bhopal. There will be no provisions made for conducting the interview online.

The MP NIPUN Professionals program is a collaboration between the Govt of MP and TISS, Mumbai. The NIPUN Professionals will be on contractual employment with TISS for a tenure of 2 years.